What better way to prove something works than with personal experience? 
We can theorize and be "armchair researchers" all we want, but the only way to find out if Dr. Sebi's healing method actually works is with results!
Testimonial List
The testimonials in this list come from:
1) patients who were cured at Dr. Sebi's USHA Village, OR
2) people who have self-cured themselves through Dr. Sebi's methods of alkaline diet, fasting, and healing herbs. 
These testimonies are quite telling because they show how simple yet powerful the Dr Sebi healing method really is.

Many of the self-healed people in these testimonies simply learned about Dr. Sebi online (like you might be doing now!) or from a friend. Once they got the necessary information, they tried what they learned, they ate the diet, took the herbs, and ended up reversing lifelong disease

YES, it's unbelievable, and YES, it really IS that easy!

Check out their Testimonials below:
Testimony from patient cured of colon cancer, leukemia, and brain tumor in 120 days at Dr. Sebi’s USHA Village:
Testimony from patient cured of life-threatening diabetes (sugar levels dropped from 600+ to 113 in one week) at Dr  Sebi's USHA Village:
(Skip to 5:11-7:26 in video)
Famous singer Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez speaking on how Dr. Sebi cured her eczema, alcoholism, and gential herpes before she died in a "mysterious" car accident:
Testimony of woman who cured arthritis, endometriosis (severe menstrual cramps), hay fever, and seasonal allergies with Dr. Sebi-recommended herbs :
(Skip to 13:05-15:35 in video)
Testimony from patient who was unable to walk due to a tumor and back problems, but now regained her ability to walk again after only 3 weeks at Dr. Sebi's USHA Village: 
(Skip to 0:16-2:35 in video)
Testimony of man who cured paralysis on the left half of his body at Dr. Sebi’s USHA Village:
(Skip to 1:59 in video)
Testimony from self-cured man who healed his cancer and lifelong asthma in 46 days using the Dr. Sebi healing method:
(Skip to 2:21 in video)
Still not convinced the Dr. Sebi Healing Method is legit? 
Thank you for reading and listening to these incredible testimonies!
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