This site is dedicated to the work of the late World-Famous Healer, Alfredo Bowman, better known as "Dr. Sebi." 
Dr. Sebi's work has helped tens of thousands of people reverse so-called "incurable" diseases across the globe.

Dr. Sebi's work as an herbalist, pathologist, biochemist, and naturalist for over 40 years has irrefutably proven that no disease is incurable, and that we all have the tools to heal our bodies and improve our lives! 
Who is Dr. Sebi?
Alfredo Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi, is a world-famous African healer who created a simple yet powerful healing method using alkaline vegan diet, fasting, and natural healing herbs to cure virtually any disease. 
At the age of 29, Dr. Sebi weighed over 300lbs, had lifelong asthma, poor eyesight, erectile dysfunction, depression, and was suicidal. 

Desperate for solutions, he travelled to Mexico and met with a shamanic herbalist who instructed Dr. Sebi to fast with juice, water, and specific herbal mixtures for 30 days.

After 43 days of fasting, Dr. Sebi lost over 150lbs, cured his lifelong asthma, gained perfect vision, fixed his erectile dysfunction, and fixed his depression. 

Upon discovering this powerful information, Dr. Sebi set out to tell the world. 
Proof of the Dr. Sebi Healing Method
For over 40+ years, Dr. Sebi studied and worked as an herbalist, pathologist, biochemist, and practicing in North America, Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean.
In October 1933, Dr. Sebi came under attack from the U.S. Government when he was prosecuted under the allegation that he was practicing medicine without a license.

Dr. Sebi's claim of being able to cure any disease with his natural healing methods was upheld in this 1993 New York Supreme Court case. During the case, 77 of Dr. Sebi's former-patients (who had previously been afflicted with various "incurable" diseases such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, etc.) stood on trial and provided medical evidence that their diseases were indeed reversed through Dr. Sebi's healing methods. 
This is a list of dieseases that have been proven to be cured by Dr. Sebi's treatment in the 1993 New York Supreme Court trial:
  •    AIDS/HIV
  •    Cancer
  •    Type 1 - Autoimmune Diabetes 
  •    Stroke
  •    Leukemia
  •    Arthritis
  •    Herpes
  •    Lupus
  •    Sickle-Cell Anemia 
  •    Fibroid Tumors
  •    Epilepsy 
  •    Mental Illness 
  •    And More...
Dr. Sebi's USHA Village
One of Dr. Sebi's greatest achievements was creating the USHA Healing Village located in La Ceiba, Honduras. The USHA Healing Village has been operating for over 20 years and sees patients from all around the world in order to treat them of any affliction.

The testimonial from any person that has received treatment at the USHA Village is the same: their diseases were cured!
Don't believe it?
Hear the incredible stories from patients at the USHA Village who reversed "incurable" diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, cancer, paralysis, herpes, and more!
Overview of the Dr. Sebi Healing Method
The Dr. Sebi Healing Method is an effective healing method for any disease because it works by identifying and stopping the root cause of disease itself

It can generally be said that the root cause of all disease is chronic inflammation caused by acidic conditions in the body. Almost everybody lives with this chronic inflammation their whole lives until they manifest debilitating diseases such as cancer, arthritis, lupus, etc. However, these visible diseases are only symptoms of the greater, underlying problem, which is chronic inflammation caused by years of improper diet and lifestyle
That being said, there are three main components to the Dr. Sebi Healing Method:
  •  Alkaline Diet
  •  Fasting
  •  Healing Herbs
Alkaline Diet
Most of the foods we eat is acidic and mucus-producing, which manifests as obstructions in the many level of the body. These “obstructions” include overgrown bacteria, parasites, viruses, the waste from these organisms, inorganic mineral deposits and heavy metals, dead or decomposing cells, pus, and the excess acidic mucus which houses these toxins.

When we eat acidic food, we create the ideal conditions in our body for bacteria, parasites, viruses, and pathogens of all kinds to thrive in. These pathogens live in the mucous membrane that exists between our cells and bind to healthy cells from the outside. Once bound to a cell, these pathogens reprogram our immune systems to act in ways that harm our body and help the invader pathogens. 

This is why the most important indicator of health is the alkalinity level of the body. By eating alkaline foods, we create conditions in our bodies that do not allow the growth of harmful microorganisms, and we allow the body to clean out the digestive system and the mucus membrane of accumulated toxins and pathogens. The cleansing properties of alkaline foods are especially powerful when it comes to our digestive systems, which house about 80% of our immune system. In addition, these foods are very easy for the body to process and digest, thus allowing the body to invest more of its resources into healing rather than wasting them on more digestively-demanding foods. 
Want to learn more about Alkaline Diet? 
Click here for the Dr. Sebi Diet Guide!
Not only do we eat the wrong foods, we also eat too much food!  

Constantly turning our digestive system off and on throughout the day robs us of energy because it does not allow the body to efficiently allocate its healing resources. A portion of the body’s resources are always tied up in digesting food, which hinders all the other life processes that the body needs to undergo in order to eliminate toxins and heal disease.

There are a few different ways to go about fasting, whether it be intermittent fasting, liquid fasting, and dry fasting. Whatever method you choose, implementing any type of fasting into your life will have a powerful healing effect on the body.

When we fast, the body’s digestive processes are off or are only operating for a few hours a day. This gives the body the opportunity to heal itself and clear out the many long-lasting effects of chronic inflammation.

Want to learn more about Fasting? 
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Healing Herbs
The cornerstone of Dr. Sebi’s legacy is his research into healing herbs.

Generally speaking, the herbs Dr. Sebi used to reverse disease are powerful healing tools because they simultaneously:
  •  1) remove the disease-causing obstructions that exist on the many levels of our bodies. These “obstructions” include overgrown bacteria, parasites, viruses, the waste from these organisms, inorganic mineral deposits and heavy metals, dead or decomposing cells, pus, and the excess acidic mucus which houses these toxins.
  •  2) provide nourishment to the body in ways that most hybrid, GMO, or chemically-fertilized foods cannot. Each of these herbs alkalizes the body and contains many phytonutrients, bioavailable minerals, and other vital life-substances which are missing in our everyday diets.
  •  3) clean the intestines of accumulated plaque, toxins, and excess mucus. This is powerful for our health because the intestines house approximately 80% of our immune system.
Want to learn more about Dr. Sebi Herbs? 
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Thank you for reading this overview on Dr. Sebi and the Dr. Sebi Healing Method!
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